What is NJM – Blog?

First of all the reason this blog was created is that I want to inform and help mainly my friends about the online money making opportunities and investments.  I use all the opportunities on the website. There are some website what run long ago and pay stable and there will be new programs and after I collect all the necessary informations we will start do the programs.  Furthermore there will be some program what won’t work too long (in good case a few months) but they offer high yield so we will try out.

My mother tongue is hungarian that’s why the original NJM Blog was created in hungarian. But I would like to show everyone these opportunities, and I know a lot of people can speak english all over the world. However, I can’t write too well in english so articles like risk management and strategies will be available only on the hungarian blog but with Google translator anyone can read those articles.
You can always get on recent informations about the running opportunities on the hungarian NJM Blog. Furthermore, if anyone has problem just indicate in the chatbox in english or in the comments under the current program.
If you have any question about the opportunities – which you can find on the blog – you can write it in english in the contact menu!